Biomedical Animators Drew Berry and Etsuko UnoWEHI.TV explains the discoveries of scientists at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute through 3D animation.

Animation is a powerful tool for presenting ideas about science that are impossible to observe and difficult to visualise when described with words. Through 3D animation we can put the audience face-to-face with a neuron pulsing with electric messages, or inside an artery to view the ceaseless rush of blood cells, or hover above the growing knot of flesh in a tumour.

WEHI.TV actively participates in a broad range of education and mainstream media projects, through its contribution of television-quality science animations, web movies and various spin-off 3D illustrations.

WEHI.TV provides all of its 3D animation sequences to external groups producing science programs for television and multimedia education. This objective is to raise public understanding and awareness through regular collaborations, while retaining quality control, ensuring the science is accurate and easily understood.

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Recognition and awards

Highlight exhibitions and productions

  • White Night Melbourne, 2014
  • Light In Winter festival, Melbourne 2013
  • Vivid festival, Sydney 2013
  • Animations for E.O. Wilson's Life on Earth digital textbook
  • Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory's DNA Learning Centre spliceosome visualisation 2011
  • Rochester Institute of Technology 'Visionaries in Motion' speaker series 2011
  • TEDx Caltech and TEDx Sydney 2011
  • Imagine Science Film Festival, New York, USA 2010
  • Genome Dome exhiition, University of Geneva, Switzerland 2009-10
  • The Cell Episode 2 'The Chemistry of Life' BBC documentary 2009
  • Museum of Natural History Stuttgart 200th birthday of Charles Darwin exhibition, Germany 2009
  • Harold Varmus’ Genes and Jazz at the Guggenheim (New York) and the Smithsonian Institute (Washington DC), USA 2008-9
  • The Royal Institution of Great Britain foyer display, UK 2008-9
  • Forum Kultur und Wirtschaft Duesseldorf, Museum of Design, exhibition on nanotechnology, Germany 2006-7
  • Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art Strange Attractors exhibition, China 2006
  • Rose Centre for Earth and Space, American Museum of Natural History, New York, USA 20006
  • National Academy of Sciences Koshland Science Museum, USA 2004-6
  • Moving Image Centre Transfigure Exhibition, Auckland, New Zealand 2005
  • Museum of Modern Art (New York) Premieres exhibition, USA 2004-5
  • oZone Cinema of Tomorrow Experimental Digital Media Art Festival, Pompidou Centre Paris, France 2003
  • ACMI Federation Square Transfigure exhibition, Australia 2003–2004
  • International Genetics Congress opening ceremony performance, Australia 2003
  • DNA project Channel 4, PBS and American Museum of Natural History; Five episode DNA documentary series, DNA: The Secret of Life museum film, DNAi DVD, DNAi.org online education portal 2001
  • SIGGRAPH Electronic Theatre, USA 2003

Drew Berry, head of WEHI.TV, has also produced animations for television programs including Dr Who, movies including The Day the Earth Stood Still and multimedia applications such as animations to accompany the track 'Hollow' in Björk's Biophilia iPad app.

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