Andrew Roberts-Lab team

Andrew Roberts-Lab team

Lab team

My team is passionate about making a difference, so their work is team based and outcome focussed.

David Segal, Senior Research Fellow, BSc(Hons) UWA PhD ANU (Joint with Huang Lab)
Project: New treatments for blood cancers

Seong Lin Khaw, Senior Research Officer, MB BS(Hons) Adelaide PhD Melbourne FRACP (Co-appointment as Paediatric Oncologist at Royal Children’s Hospital)
Project: Ongoing studies with BH3-mimetics for treatment of lymphoid malignancies

Jianan Gong, Postdoctoral Fellow, BSc(Hons) PhD Tsinghua (joint with Huang Lab)
Project: Identifying what maintains multiple myeloma cell survival using novel genetic and chemical tools

Mary Ann Anderson, PhD Student, MB BS Melbourne FRACP FRCPA (joint with Huang Lab; clinical haematologist)
Project: Trials and tribulations of therapeutic Bcl-2 inhibition

Sophie Lee, PhD Student, MB ChB Auckland FRACP FRCPA (jointly supervised by Dr Ashley Ng; clinical haematologist)
Project:  The Role of Dlk1 in Haematopoiesis, Malignancy and Angiogenesis

Edward Chew, PhD student, MB BS BMedSc Melbourne FRACP FRCPA (jointly supervised by Dr Ian Majewski; Clinical Haematologist)
Project: Genomics of AML

Eric Si, PhD Student BSc Cornell MS Buffalo MD SUNY Upstate (jointly supervised by Dr Ian Majewski)
Project: Determining the mechanisms of high-grade transformation in B-cell lymphoproliferative disorders

Diane Hanna, PhD Student
Project: Translational Studies in Paediatric High-Risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (HR-ALL) to Identify Mechanisms of Therapeutic Resistance

Louise Cengia, Research Technician, BSc Tasmania
Project: BH3 mimetics for treatment of lymphoid malignancies

Angela Georgiou, Research Technician
Project: BH3 mimetics for treatment of lymphoid malignancies

Kylie Mason, Honorary Associate, MB BS PhD Melbourne FRACP FRCPA
Project: BH3 mimetics for treatment of lymphoid malignancies

Simon He, Visiting clinician, MB BS PhD Melbourne FRACP FRCPA
Project: Targeted therapies for haematological malignancies

Naomi Sprigg, Visiting Tissue Coordinator
Project: Tissue Banking

Greg Corboy, BBiology Auckland MB BS Auckland Visiting PhD student (primary supervisor Prof Paul Waring, The University of Melbourne)
Project: Genomics of AML

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Myeloma researchers in a lab

Our researchers have discovered that a new class of anti-cancer agents may be effective in treating multiple myeloma, an incurable bone marrow cancer.