Professor Liam O'Connor

Professor Liam O'Connor



Liam O'Connor



BSc(Hons) UWA PhD Melbourne

Division Head

Our research focuses on understanding how complex biological systems function in health and disease.

We are particularly interested in:

  • Linking changes that occur in cancer cells during their development and spread, with a goal of developing better strategies to treat cancer.

  • Developing new strategies that allow us to map the precise changes occurring in cells in the change from health to disease.

Research interest

Our laboratory collaborates widely with other research groups at the institute to generate and analyse large data sets. Our current research interests include:

  • Changes in pathways during tumour formation, maintenance and spread:

    • What are the global changes in human tumours following xenografting? How do human tumour cell lines in xenografts compare with primary human tumours?

    • What is different about the mitochondrial proteomes in cells with different sensitivities to apoptosis?

    • How is specificity in protein turnover achieved when there are so many E1-E2-E3 ligases and DUBs?

    • Can colon cancer patients be stratified into treatment groups based on genomic profiling?

  • Building signalling pathway-based ontologies for biological systems, particularly those pathways dysregulated in disease.

  • Computational method development, including the application of purpose-built biological computing environments to our data.

Professor Liam O'Connor talks to the audience during a presentation.

DNA is the key to personalised medicine, and will revolutionise how we treat, diagnose and prevent many diseases, including many types of cancer.

Professor Liam O'Connor writing mathematical equations on a white board

It's medicine's new frontier: treatments tailored to an individual's genetic profile.