Ms Merrin Fabre

Ms Merrin Fabre



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BSc(Hons) UWA GradDipSciComm ANU MComm RMIT

Acting Head, Communications and Marketing

I am an experienced corporate communication specialist and have worked primarily in the science and innovation sector. I have a passion for showcasing an organisation’s research to develop industry partnerships, better inform the public and engage people in supporting their scientific institutions.

As acting head of Communications and Marketing at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute I lead a team that creates and delivers opportunities for engagement and awareness for the Institute and the medical research sector. In this role I am also chair of the Institute’s Sponsorship Committee and co-chair of the Engagement Committee.

Communications and Marketing team

Communications and Marketing is a creative team that develops and delivers communications, events and award-winning biomedical animations that educate the community about the positive outcomes of medical research, stimulate community conversations about science and encourage community support for medical research.

As part of the Institute's centenary celebrations, the Communications and Marketing team developed the Discovery Timeline website, showcasing 100 years of scientific achievement.

The website was a Gold Winner at the 2015 Melbourne Design Awards and the team received a commendation at the 2016 Public Relations Institute of Australia Golden Target Awards for their work on the project.

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Explore the Institute's 100 years of discoveries for humanity.

Follow the timelines, meet the people behind the science, and find out how we've changed Australian medical research.

Animation still showing cells changing

Our biomedical animation team explains the discoveries made by scientists through 3D animation.

Media in the lab

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