Dr Stefan Glaser

Dr Stefan Glaser





PhD Dresden

Laboratory Head

My lab is investigating how the blood cancers leukaemia and lymphoma develop, and how leukaemic cells become resistant to treatment. Our goal is to use this information to identify new ways to treat leukaemia and lymphoma.

Research interests

Most treatments for leukaemia and lymphoma, such as chemo- or radiotherapy, are nonspecific and often do not completely eradicate disease. My lab aims to improve the treatment for patients with leukaemia by identifying disease-causing mutations and developing refined, targeted therapies.

We are studying the molecular mechanisms underlying leukaemic transformation and drug-resistance in order to identify novel therapeutic opportunities for the treatment of leukaemia. To achieve this we are applying a variety of experimental strategies including new laboratory models, transposon mutagenesis, viral transduction and imaging techniques. Our aim is to model therapeutic targeting using drug/peptide-mediated inhibition or reverse genetics (gene knock-out) to discover previously unrecognised susceptibilities of cancer cells.