Running 4 Riley

Running 4 Riley

Seeing your child chronically ill is among the hardest things a parent can experience. It's especially difficult when every two to three weeks your child suffers with high fevers, swollen neck glands and body pain.

After a year of intermittent hospital stays, tests and specialists, Melissa Bowyer’s son Riley was diagnosed with PFAPA Syndrome, a rare auto-inflammatory illness and type of periodic fever syndrome.

A funding gap

“As this illness is rare, it does not attract a lot of funding and research,” Melissa said. 

Wanting to do something about this, Melissa took part in the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival to help raise money for research into periodic fever syndrome at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute. She completed the run along with Riley and his older brother, raising more than $7900.


Get involved

If Mel’s run inspires you to take on a challenge event and raise funds for medical research, we’d love to hear from you.  Contact Sally Elford on 03 9345 2234 or

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