Virtual Student Open Day

Virtual Student Open Day

Institute building and two students
Welcome to WEHI's Virtual Student Open Day portal. This event allows prospective students to learn about Honours, Masters and PhD opportunities in 2023.

This event will be held online from 4:00pm-5:30pm on Tuesday 13 September (Melbourne time), using Microsoft Teams. 

You can access the sessions either via a web browser on a desktop (Firefox or Chrome preferred) or using the Microsoft Teams app on a desktop, phone or tablet. Please see the end of this page for troubleshooting.

If you have not already registered, please register now to ensure you receive the post-event information.

Learn more about WEHI's education opportunities, including application and scholarship information:


Join the event

Please note the Microsoft Teams meetings for the next event will be added by 13 September and will only be available to access during the listed session times.


The Virtual Student Open Day has two parts: 

4:00pm - 4:30pm: Online information session

Learn about studying at WEHI, and how to apply

Attend this session: Teams Live event

4:30pm - 5:30pm: Virtual networking session

In this session you can visit different Teams online meeting rooms to meet supervisors, students, our Scientific Education Office and Clinical Translation Centre.

Please note that Teams Meeting Rooms will only be accessible during the virtual networking session (4:30-5:30pm).


  • Speak to our Scientific Education Office

Learn about how to apply, eligibility and scholarships.

Honours and Masters information: Teams meeting room

PhD information: Teams meeting room


  • Meet our students

Find out about life as a student at WEHI from our WESA student association and student presenters: Teams meeting room


  • Clinical Translation Centre

Find out about clinical translation, and the opportunities available for clinicians to study with us: Teams meeting room


  • ​Discuss potential research projects with our researchers 

We offer projects for students at Honours, Masters and PhD level. Please visit supervisors to learn about their projects. 

The following links to project supervisors' online meeting rooms and projects are sorted by WEHI research divisions. Click on the 'Teams meeting room' link next to a supervisor's name to join their virtual meeting room where you can speak with them.

The project titles link to more information including supervisor contact details. 

Please note that Teams Meeting Rooms will only be accessible during the virtual networking session (4:30-5:30pm).

You can also search the full project list for your areas of interest.


ACRF Cancer Biology and Stem Cells division

Dr Yunshun (Andy) Chen: Teams meeting room 

Dr Naiyang Fu: Teams meeting room

Associate Professor Kate Sutherland: Teams meeting room

Professor Jane Visvader: Teams meeting room


ACRF Chemical Biology division

Associate Professor Ethan Goddard-Borger: Teams meeting room

Associate Professor Isabelle Lucet: Teams meeting room

Dr Brad Sleebs: Teams meeting room


Advanced Technology and Biology

Dr Rory Bowden: No virtual session available

Dr Raymond Yip: Teams meeting room


Bioinformatics division

    Professor Tony Papenfuss: Teams meeting room 


    Blood Cells and Blood Cancer division

    Dr Diane Moujalled: Teams meeting room 

    Dr Carolyn de Graaf: Teams meeting room


    Epigenetics and Development

    Dr Hamish King: Teams meeting room

    Dr Hannah Vanyai: Teams meeting room

    Associate Professor Matthew RitchieTeams meeting room

    Dr Stephin Vervoort: Teams meeting room


    Immunology division

    Dr Vanessa Bryant: Teams meeting room

    Associate Professor Daniel Gray: Teams meeting room

    Professor Phil Hodgkin: Teams meeting room

    Associate Professor Misty Jenkins: Teams meeting room

    Associate Professor Shalin Naik: Teams meeting room


    Infectious Diseases and Immune Defence division

    Associate Professor Justin Boddey: Teams meeting room

    Dr Anna Coussens: Teams meeting room

    Professor Alan Cowman: Teams meeting room

    Dr Matthew Dixon: Teams meeting room

    Mr Mikha Gabriela: Teams meeting room

    Dr Danushka Marapana: Teams meeting room

    Associate Professor Chris Tonkin: Teams meeting room

    Professor Deborah Williamson: No virtual session available


    Inflammation division

    Dr Sophia Davidson: Teams meeting room

    Professor Seth Masters: Teams meeting room

    Professor John Silke: Teams meeting room

    Associate Professor James Vince: Teams meeting room


    Personalised Oncology division

    Associate Professor Marie-Liesse Asselin-Labat: Teams meeting room

    Dr Saskia Freytag: Teams meeting room

    Associate Professor Tracy Putoczki: No virtual session available

    Associate Professor Oliver Sieber: Teams meeting room


    Population Health and Immunity division

    Dr Rhea Longley: Teams meeting room

    Professor Sant-Rayn Pasricha: Teams meeting room


    Structural Biology division

    Professor Peter Czabotar: Teams meeting room

    Dr Nadia Kershaw: Teams meeting room

    Dr Alisa Glukhova: Teams meeting room

    Dr Shabih Shakeel: Teams meeting room


    Ubiquitin Signalling division

    Dr Bernhard Lechtenberg: Teams meeting room



    • If you click on a Teams Meeting Room link and get a 'link not valid' error, this could mean:

      • The supervisor has not started the meeting yet (please note some supervisors are not available until later in the networking session) - please try another room, and/or come back to this room later

      • Your browser is not compatible with Teams. Firefox and Chrome are preferred.

      • On a mobile device (phone/tablet), your Teams app may not be working or up-to-date. 

    • If you access a networking meeting and don't automatically enter, please wait in the lobby until you are admitted.

    • If you can't access the networking meetings, or have trouble accessing a particular meeting room, supervisors can be emailed through the project pages - click on the project titles above.

    • If a meeting room is busy, please consider using the chat function or use the ‘Raise your hand’ function to ask a question if using a laptop, computer or tablet.

    • Our Scientific Education Office can also help prospective students: please email if you have any questions after the event.

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