Photograph of WEHI staircase
WEHI is committed to the highest standards of governance in our research and workplace activities.
A number of processes and policies are in place to ensure we foster a positive and safe workplace for staff, students and visitors.


  • Appropriate Workplace Behaviour Policy

    A framework defining WEHI’s expectations for appropriate workplace behavior, and processes for managing inappropriate conduct such as harassment, bullying or discrimination.

  • Child Safe Standards

    A policy and code of conduct are in place to ensure a safe and positive experience is provided to children visiting WEHI.

  • Workplace Response to Family Violence

    WEHI aims to assist employees who are experiencing family violence to progress toward a life free from violence and its effect.

  • Whistleblower Policy

    This policy provides information on the process and protections in place to manage whistleblowing.

  • Supporting trans and gender diverse people in the workplace

    This policy outlines the support available to employees who are trans or gender diverse.

  • Parental Leave Policy

    Our parental leave policy assists employees in balancing their career and parenting roles.

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Leave

    This policy aims to support and foster a more inclusive workplace for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander staff and students by offering additional leave in acknowledgement of cultural obligations.

  • Research Integrity Policy

    Our Research Integrity Policy sets standards of responsible and ethical research conduct required by WEHI and our researchers.

  • Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

    Our strategy focuses on five key principles around which we focus our activities and initiatives to foster a diverse and inclusive organisation.

  • Flexibility at WEHI Policy

    WEHI recognises the importance of flexibility to maintain a diverse, adaptive, and high performing workforce.

  • Conflict of Interest Policy

    Providing a framework for the declaration of interests and appropriate management of conflicts at WEHI.

  • Modern Slavery Policy

    WEHI is committed to eliminating Modern Slavery from its supply chains and operations.

  • WEHI Members Policy

    This policy provides a framework for the engagement of WEHI Members.

  • Privacy Policy

    WEHI protects the privacy of personal information we collect and hold about individuals.

  • Terms of use

    These terms apply to use of content, features and services available from our website.


For further information about WEHI policies and procedures email communityrelations@wehi.edu.au.