Gene expression in the blood cell system
The Bioinformatics division collaborates with Institute and external researchers in designing, conducting and analysing genomic and molecular sequence studies to understand biology and disease. We also conduct research to improve existing methods and develop novel methods for analysing data.

Health impact

Cancers: bowel cancer, breast cancer, leukaemia, lymphoma, lung cancer, myeloma, ovarian cancer, rare cancers, stomach cancer

Immune disorders: acute rheumatic fever, lupus, multiple sclerosis, thyroid orbitopathy, transplantation, type 1 diabetes

Infectious disease: malaria, scabies, tuberculosis, toxoplasmosis

Other areas: congenital disease, Down syndrome, heart disease and stroke, neurodegenerative disease, personalised medicine

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Division heads

Professor Gordon Smyth

Lab heads

Professor Terry Speed

Professor Tony Papenfuss

Dr Melissa Davis

Associate Professor Wei Shi

Division coordinator

Maria Markovic