Product/s that requires a dangerous goods declaration

Product/s that requires a dangerous goods declaration

When shipping hazardous biological or infectious product to Australia, the following documents are required to clear Australian Customs.

  • Customs Invoice (Cus Inv)
  • Dangerous Goods Declaration (DGD)
  • Manufacturer's Declaration
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
  • Import Permit (if applicable)


Dangerous goods documents



WEHI does not provide instructions on the preparation of documents or packaging for items/product that are classified as dangerous goods.

Please refer to your local specialist/s and adhere to the IATA transportation standards of your product/s.

 Once documents have been finalised:



Please send copies of your Customs Invoice, Dangerous Goods Declaration, Manufacturer's Declaration and/or SDS and/or Permit to

You must add the shipment’s tracking number/Air Waybill number and the corresponding Purchase Order number in the subject line of your email.

Example: SHIPPING DOCS / DHL 5495333933 / Supplier Name / PO21001450


For further assistance please email


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