Partnering opportunities

Partnering opportunities

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WEHI has more than 300 research projects underway in cancer, immunology and infectious diseases, feeding into our discovery and development pipeline. We are committed to the translation of our discoveries into improvements in disease diagnosis, prevention and treatment.

Partnering opportunities now open


Opportunities in cancer

·       IL-11 Signaling

·       Safer CAR T cells

·       High affinity Dual-targeted biologics

·       E3 ligase warheads

·       CD52 as a novel checkpoint inhibitor

Opportunities in immunology and inflammation

·       pDC therapy for lupus

·       Epigenetics inhibitor 

·       Mucolytics

·       Improving T cell memory

Opportunities in global health and infection

·       VirDUB: targeting PLPro

·       VirPRO: targeting MPro

·       C-FIND - rapid point of care diagnostic

·       Toxoplasma vaccine 

·       Antihelminth therapy

Opportunities in neurological disorders

·       Precision epigenetics

·       Preventing cell loss in retinal disease

·       Improved diagnostics for rare genetic disorders

Opportunities in digital health

·       Genomic orchestration engine


To discuss partnering opportunities, please contact

Dr Anne-Laure Puaux
Head of Biotechnology and Commercialisation