Notable scientists

Notable scientists

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In our 100+ year history WEHI has been home to thousands of outstanding scientists. Some of our most eminent alumni have profoundly changed the landscape of medical research and delivered real benefits to millions of people worldwide.

Fannie WilliamsMiss Fannie Williams

Fannie Eleanor Williams was WEHI’s first female medical research scientist, co-authoring 55 research publications.


Sir Frank Macfarlane BurnetSir Frank Macfarlane Burnet

Sir Frank Macfarlane Burnet made immense contributions to immunology, highlighted by his receipt of the 1960 Nobel Prize.


Miss Dora LushMiss Dora Lush

Miss Dora Lush was a promising scientist whose life was cut tragically short when she contracted a disease she was studying at WEHI.

Sir Gustav NossalSir Gustav Nossal

Sir Gustav is revered for exceptional research achievements in the field of immunology and for his outstanding scientific leadership.


Dr Margaret HolmesDr Margaret Holmes

Dr Holmes made significant contributions to immunology research, and also played a leading role in managing the institute.


Professor Ian MackayProfessor Ian Mackay

In his 24 years at WEHI Professor Ian Mackay pioneered clinical research on autoimmunity and treating autoimmune disease.

Professor Jacques MillerProfessor Jacques Miller

Professor Miller is famous for his discovery of the function of the thymus, revolutionising our understanding of immunology.


Professor Don MetcalfProfessor Don Metcalf

Professor Metcalf is best known for his pioneering discovery of Colony Stimulating Factors, which have helped more than 20 million cancer patients, so far.