Apoptosis and venetoclax

Apoptosis and venetoclax

This animation is in two parts.

Part 1: Apoptosis is a type of cell death that removes diseased and unwanted cells from the body. This part of the animation illustrates how apoptotic molecules are released from the mitochondria, an organelle inside the cell.  It focuses on proteins that interact on the surface of the mitochondria to release apoptotic molecules.  This release of proteins from the mitochondria is considered a point of no return and is therefore a critical step in the cell death process. 

Part 2: The anti-cancer drug, venetoclax, works by forcing susceptible cells to undergo apoptosis.

Venetoclax is a new anti-cancer drug, co-developed and trialled in Australia, and based on a landmark research discovery made at the Institute.

Etsuko Uno, 2018

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