Art of Science

Art of Science

Art of Science 2018 event promotion

Explore the beauty of medical research

Our annual Art of Science exhibition features stunning images and movies that have been captured and created by Institute scientists in the course of their research.

The exhibition showcases the top 20 entries from our Art of Science competition.

Behind the scenes

Our researchers explain the science behind their competition entries. 



Still image category


Moving image category

Explore our Art of Science playlist for moving image finalists and more Art of Science media. 


Additional resources

Research team in a lab

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Lattice light sheet microscope

Why optical microscopy has become one of the most powerful tools in medical research.

Associate Professor Edwin Hawkins with imaging equipment

Associate Professor Edwin Hawkins and his team have answered the longstanding question of how leukaemia survives chemotherapy, bringing the world closer to more effective blood cancer treatments.​

Exhibition visitor looking at an artwork

The Institute’s annual Art of Science exhibition has opened, with stunning images and videos captured by our researchers who are tackling some of the biggest challenges facing global health.