Business Development

Business Development

Dr Daniel Gray in FACS lab
Our Business Development team has combined over 80 years’ experience in intellectual property management and commercialisation.
The team is comprised of highly qualified professionals with expertise in biomedical science, technology transfer, business development, intellectual property, negotiation and agreements. 

The Institute has a strong track record in early capture of intellectual property and translation through commercialisation via various mechanisms. We work to achieve successful collaborative projects with some of the most respected names within both the private and public sectors.

Our commitment to translational medicine assists to deliver patient benefits from research conducted at the Institute.

Discovery pipeline, more than 300 projects and 100 clinical trials

Opportunity identification, partner identification and engagement

We work with our researchers to identify and develop laboratory discoveries that have the potential to make a positive impact on the community. We then establish partners, such as industry and funders, to collaborate with us from clinical trials to bedside.

Intellectual property and agreements management

In collaboration with our researchers, we translate and commercialise intellectual property. We also manage materials exchange with external parties, license agreements, collaboration agreements, and confidentiality agreements.

Education and training

Our researchers are provided with opportunities to develop skills in technology transfer, business development, entrepreneurship and commercial translation.

Licensed / Developing Technologies

Our research teams focus on solving complex biological questions, and linking laboratory research to the clinic. The Institute also aims to partner with industry, access resources from funders and government, promote research collaborations, and facilitate translational research.


Fast figures
  • The discovery pipeline is fed by more than 300 projects.

  • A new patent application is filed every three weeks.

  • The Institute’s intellectual property is the subject of more than 100 clinical trials currently being conducted worldwide.

The success of the Institute is also evidenced through the involvement in the creation of a number of start-up companies and our partnering opportunities.


Venetoclax timeline of discovery

Starting with a landmark discovery in 1988, follow the story of how Institute research has driven development of a breakthrough anti-cancer drug.