On the cusp of retirement

On the cusp of retirement

Illuminate newsletter index page, March 2019
March 2019

Professor Lynn Corcoran
Professor Lynn Corcoran has formally retired but has
plans to stay busy.

Professor Lynn Corcoran looks back on a 38-year career at the Institute.

Many toddlers will know Lynn’s name well, for it is in her honour that the Institute’s Early Learning Centre was named when it opened last year.

Of course Professor Corcoran’s reputation stretches beyond that, for she has left an indelible mark not only on her field of molecular immunology, but as a mentor for young scientists and a champion of female scientists.

Professor Corcoran has seen sweeping changes in molecular biology since she was a science undergraduate at the University of Melbourne.

“Back then it took two days (and exposure to a lot of nasty chemicals and radioactivity) to get a tiny 200 base pairs of DNA sequence,” she said. “Now it’s so easy now to get masses of insight.”

Changes in technology have paralleled changes in workplace culture and access.

“I notice that our young women scientists are more assertive these days,” Professor Corcoran said.

“Through the Institute’s Gender Equity Committee, of which I was an inaugural co-chair, more opportunities are being made available, most of the men are respectful of the need for change, and these opportunities are being grabbed.”

Even though Professor Corcoran has formally retired, and is now an alumna of the Institute, she has plans to stay busy.

“I already do a lot of pottery, gardening, travelling, cooking, golf, film and music festivals,” she said. “I have an honorary appointment at the Institute and am on three PhD committees, so I will see my dear colleagues at ‘work’, but many are part of my home life, and they always will be.”

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