Centenary Fellowships

Centenary Fellowships

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In 2015, we celebrated our centenary and reflected on 100 years of discoveries for humanity.

We are also looking to the future by inviting people who are passionate about medical research to support our best and brightest young researchers via a Centenary Fellowship.

It is these researchers who will make key discoveries in the next decade.

What is a Centenary Fellowship?

A Centenary Fellowship provides $100,000 per annum for five years to an early career researcher undertaking research here at the Institute.

Why do these young researchers need our support?

The early career stage is a defining period in the life of a medical researcher, and one that is becoming increasingly difficult to survive.

Younger researchers have to compete against senior researchers for increasingly limited funding, and their lack of an established track record is a significant barrier to success.

Why support our best and brightest young scientists?

By funding a Centenary Fellowship, you will be helping us attract and retain the most promising young researchers from Australia and overseas.

Together we can make sure that future generations of Australians continue to benefit from the latest medical knowledge and world-class treatments.

What recognition can we offer you?

As thanks for your remarkable support of our Centenary Fellowships, it is our pleasure to offer:

  • Recognition in the lobby and in the discovery timeline at the Institute.
  • Acknowledgment on our website and in our annual report.
  • An invitation to an annual dinner with the chairman, board, director and fellowship recipients for an update on research progress.
  • An invitation to become an Institute member.
  • An opportunity to join an exclusive study tour in 2020, led by our director, to visit our leading collaborators in the United States (travel costs to be borne by interested donors).

Is my support of a Centenary Fellowship tax deductible?

Yes, any donation of more than $2 to the Institute is tax deductible.

How can I find out more about funding a Centenary Fellowship?

If you would like to discuss funding a named Centenary Fellowship or a fellowship in a particular area of research, please contact Sally Elford on 03 9345 2345 or elford.s@wehi.edu.au for a confidential conversation.


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