Equipment Fund

Equipment Fund

Joanna Groom at microscope

Exciting discoveries are made possible by your donations

To advance innovations in medical research our scientists need access to highly specialised technology, for specimen analyses to diagnose, monitor and treat diseases or to develop new therapies. This requires specialised equipment such as centrifuges, -30C refrigerators and microscopes that are the everyday tools for scientists.

Sophisticated equipment such as a mass spectrometer allows the scientist to define a molecular fingerprint that can predict a patient’s response to treatments. This gives clinicians the ability to tailor each therapy depending on the patient’s molecular fingerprint.

Research and innovation pathways

The institute applies your donated funds to identified equipment needs, to bridge gaps in research and innovation pathways. This will provide our scientists with the optimal environment to assist them in their research goals to better prevent, diagnose and treat diseases.

We invite you to visit our labs to meet with our scientists and to see how your funding for equipment contributes to research.

Contribute to our research equipment

If you would like to hear more about research equipment donations, please contact Jane Turner on 03 9345 2840 or email