Scientists at work in a lab
Donors make discoveries possible. We need your support so we can continue to find better treatments for diseases and improve the lives of patients in Australia and around the world.

The Institute is currently undertaking these major fundraising campaigns:

Centenary Fellowships 

As the Institute celebrates 100 years of discoveries for humanity, we’re also looking to the future with fellowship funding to support our best and brightest young scientists.

Discovery Fund 

Each discovery opens the door to the next. The Discovery Fund supports areas of research that represent our best hope for advances in health and medicine. 

Technology Circle 

Our scientists need highly specialised equipment to develop new therapies and to diagnose, study and treat diseases. Members of the Technology Circle enable the Institute to build this vital innovation pathway.

Metcalf Scholarship Fund

For an impressive six decades Professor Don Metcalf worked in his lab at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute and made an outstanding contribution, not just to medical science, but also to the careers of many young researchers.

Support InSPIRE

This annual program attracts high performing undergraduate students from China’s leading universities. We invite you to be a part of InSPIRE and invest in the next generation of scientific leaders.


To find out how your support can make a difference, please contact: 

Sally Elford
03 9345 2345