Dr Noel Chambers - The National Foundation for Medical Research and Innovation

Dr Noel Chambers - The National Foundation for Medical Research and Innovation

Seminar Room 1
Start Time: 
Fri, 25/10/2019 - 10:30am
End Time: 
Fri, 25/10/2019 - 11:30am

​Supporting medical research: solving the wicked problem of the gap from research to translation

​Special seminar hosted by Dr Anne-Laure Puaux

The National Foundation for Medical Research and Innovation (NFMRI) was founded in 1977 as a not-for-profit organisation that is entirely independent. It is not affiliated with any university, hospital, government or state body. NFMRI supports medical research in three key gap areas we call social investment portfolios:    

1. Original innovation and discovery not competitive for NHMRC grants. Young researchers, early discoveries and new paradigms that need support to become competitive and stand on their own two feet.  

2. Support for strategic collaborative research activities focussed on advancing research and validating directions.  Providing access to the additional research skills not available through currently available funding. 

3. Often referred to as the “valley of death” this is the area where research is required to attract and compete for potential investors and collaborators.  Funding mechanisms often do not support or encourage contract research activities necessary to answer critical research questions.
Would you like to:
• Learn what NFMRI is looking for when applying for 2020 funding rounds?
• Build your partner network?
• Hear from a Medical Research and Innovation philanthropic leader?

Then this presentation is for you!

Noel was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation in April 2013. Noel has a PhD in pharmacology/medicinal chemistry from the University of Sydney. His work experience includes positions in research, research translation, commercialisation, start-up companies, biotechnology and philanthropy.