Student association

Student association

The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute Student Association (WESA) represents the our students in academic issues and on Institute committees, and coordinates academic, social and peer support activities for all students.

Representing more than 150 students at the Institute, WESA is an important contributor to many aspects of Institute life.

Student activities

WESA organises activities for students throughout the year, including:

  • Invited speakers and career development activities

  • Monthly student journal clubs

  • Sports events including inter-institute sports

  • Social events such as movie nights

  • Annual student retreat

Get involved

Taking part in activities in addition to your study is a great way to balance your research life, meet new people and broaden your skills.

You can get involved with:

  • Scientists in Schools: help to enrich secondary students’ learning experiences

  • GTAC: enhance your demonstration and presentation skills

  • Volunteering at the institute, such as hosting tour groups or assisting at events

  • Representing the student body on Institute committees

  • Joining the WESA committee: elections are held annually

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