Immunology and infection experts elected to the AAHMS

Immunology and infection experts elected to the AAHMS

Illuminate newsletter index page, December 2018
December 2018

(L-R) Professor Marc Pellegrini and Professor Gabrielle
Belz have been named AAHMS fellows.

The Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences (AAHMS) has named the Institute’s Professor Gabrielle Belz and Professor Marc Pellegrini among the 37 fellows inducted to the academy in 2018 for outstanding contributions to health and medical research.

Professor Belz leads a laboratory that researches how the immune system responds to infection. She has been recognised for uncovering how different immune cell types can form enduring immune protection to arm the body against infectious organisms. Professor Belz’s recently published discoveries include how immune cells play a pivotal role in maintaining digestive health and how testosterone protects males against asthma.

Infectious diseases expert Professor Pellegrini has been recognised for his innovative approaches to boosting the body’s responses to infection, rather than targeting the infection directly. Professor Pellegrini’s work is focussed on understanding chronic infections – such as HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis B that are not cleared from the body but persist within cells – for which new therapies are urgently required.

AAHMS president Professor Ian Frazer AC said he was delighted to welcome the researchers to the academy’s fellowship, saying that “their diverse talents reflect the incredible breadth and depth of Australia’s world class health and medical research”.

The AAHMS was established to provide an impartial and authoritative voice for healthcare, informed by the best available evidence and expert advice in health and medical research.