National Drug Discovery Centre

National Drug Discovery Centre

Researcher using screening equipment

What we offer  

The National Drug Discovery Centre (NDDC) invites applications from researchers in Australia to fast-track their scientific breakthroughs into new medicines to treat disease.

Successful applicants from Australian research institutes and universities will access the latest in advanced robotic high-throughput screening at a highly subsided rate (up to 90 per cent off actual costs). 

We offer: 

  • Cutting-edge automation, enabling rapid and reproducible testing of large compound libraries  
  • Access to more than 300,000 high-quality and diverse lead-like small molecules  
  • Acoustic dispensing technology for accurate volume measurement
  • Miniaturisation to 1536-well format, ensuring the most efficient use of assay components such as purified proteins or precious cell lines  
  • Full ownership rights to new intellectual property that is generated from the screening results  
  • Work performed by experienced specialists using stringent and effective quality control standards  


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Information sessions

Information sessions have been held at research institutes around Australia. The Melbourne information session is available to view:


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Scientist in the National Drug Discovery Centre

The NDDC enables medical researchers to access ultra-high throughput screening, fast tracking scientific discoveries into new medicines.