Double win for early-career researcher

Double win for early-career researcher

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June 2018

Dr Tan Nguyen
Dr Tan Nguyen recently received a Lung Foundation
Australia Research Award and the Premier’s Award for
Health and Medical Research.

Dr Tan Nguyen has recently received two awards for his pioneering research to find new treatments for lung cancer.

Dr Nguyen was recognised with a Lung Foundation Australia Research Award and a Premier’s Award for Health and Medical Research.

Shining a light on new discoveries

The Lung Foundation Australia Shine a Light on Lung Cancer Grant-in-Aid was awarded to Dr Nguyen to support his exploration of the role SIDT2 in cancer.

During his PhD Dr Nguyen discovered SIDT2 was crucial to the immune system, together with supervisors Dr Ken Pang and Associate Professor Seth Masters

Dr Nguyen said SIDT2 played an important role in the immune response during viral infection where it warned healthy cells of incoming infection so they were better prepared to fight off the infection.

“We discovered that SIDT2 may also be used by cancers to promote tumour growth.

"If we can understand how this ‘co-opting’ happens, we might be able to inform the development of powerful new therapeutic strategies targeting SIDT2 to treat patients with lung cancer,” Dr Nguyen said.

Premier’s Award win

Dr Nguyen was one of five young Victorians to win a 2018 Premier’s Award for Health and Medical Research, presented by Minister for Health The Hon. Jill Hennessy.

Lung Foundation Australia CEO Dr Heather Allan said supporting bright and aspiring researchers was a critical priority in the search for better treatment and hopefully a cure for lung cancer.

“Research funding into lung cancer is disproportionately low compared to its burden.

"Supporting research like Dr Nguyen’s offers hope and undisputed benefits for people living with lung cancer,” Dr Allan said.

Institute director Professor Doug Hilton congratulated Dr Nguyen on his well-deserved recognition.

“We are proud to support Dr Nguyen’s work and are excited to see the results of his continued research,” Professor Hilton said.

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