Selected achievements


2018  Claude Leon Merit Award for Early-Career Researchers

2016-2017  Africa Science Leadership Fellow, Future Africa

2014-2019  Elected Member, Global Young Academy

2014-2015  Sydney Brenner Fellow, Academy of Science of South Africa

2008-2012  UK Medical Research Council Career Development Fellow, National Institute of Medical Research

Grants and funding

2015-2020  Tuberculosis Research Unit (TBRU) Consortium co-investigator, National Institute of Health (NIH)

2014-2019  South African Medical Research Council-Strategic Health Innovation Partnership (SHIP) - Tuberculosis Vaccine Development, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

2016  Commonwealth Science Conference Follow-on Grants, The Royal Society

2014-2015  Sydney Brenner Fellowship, Academy of Science of South Africa and Oppenheimer Memorial Trust

Service to the community

2016-2017  Executive Council, Early Career Researchers Network of Networks

2015-2018  Executive Committee, Global Young Academy

2017  Co-Chair, Global State of Young Scientists Africa meeting, October 2017, Rabat, Morocco; 2016: Co-Chair, Global State of Young Scientists Africa meeting, May 2016, Port Louis, Mauritius

2014-2015  Vice Chair, UCT Postdoctoral Association, University of Cape Town, South Africa