Professor Axel Kallies

Professor Axel Kallies



Professor Axel Kallies in the lab



PhD Free University Berlin

Laboratory Head

Our lab is interested in understanding the molecular events that regulate the maturation of immune cells called lymphocytes. This process is central to the immune system as it generates the immune cells that control disease-causing pathogens and generate protective immunity, such as after vaccination.

Research interest

My research focuses on understanding the transcriptional regulation of lymphocyte differentiation, in particular the role of transcription factors in effector and memory T and B cell commitment. My work uses genetic models and cell culture systems. Current studies focus on Blimp1, IRF4 and other transcription factors in the differentiation of regulatory and conventional T cells and during B cell lymphoma development. Epigenetic and metabolic regulation of lymphocyte differentiation are new research avenues in my lab.

Dr Axel Kallies in a lab

Dr Axel Kallies and collaborators have discovered killer T cells may provide an answer to chronic infections such as HIV.