Dr Ben Tran

Dr Ben Tran



Ben Tran



MBBS Melbourne FRACP

Clinical Research Fellow

I am a medical oncologist who is heavily involved in drug development, molecular profiling and personalised medicine aiming to develop better treatments for cancer through laboratory research and clinical trials.

My research focuses on matching people with the best treatment for their individual cancer. In particular, I am studying how the genome of cancer cells interacts with the body’s anti-tumour immune response.

My goal is to find better ways of personalising treatment for cancer patients.

Research interest

I am particularly interested in personalising cancer treatments, assessing potential new anti-cancer drugs through early phase clinical trials. Many of these drugs are molecularly targeted and require molecular pre-selection of appropriate trial participants through high-throughput real-time molecular profiling using next generation sequencing.

I am also pursuing studies of cancer immunotherapy. My medical practice focuses on urological and colorectal cancers, and I am currently conducting clinical trials using novel immunotherapeutics  targeting these cancers.

From a translational perspective, I am particularly interested in using molecular profiling and gene expression studies to help determine which patients are most likely to benefit from these potential new drugs.