Chris Tonkin-Lab team

Chris Tonkin-Lab team

Lab team

Our lab consists of students and postdocs who have synergistic interests in different experimental techniques. This provides a highly collaborative environment to deeply understand fundamental aspects of apicomplexan parasite pathogenicity. We also closely work with other labs in the division and several international groups in order to translate our findings in Toxoplasma into understanding pathogenesis in the malaria parasite. 

Alex Uboldi, Senior Postdoctoral Fellow, BSc(Hons) PhD Witwatersrand
Project: Regulation of metabolism in latent Toxoplasma

Shiraz Tyebji, Research Officer, BSc(Hons) PhD Barcelona
Project: Brain dysfunction caused by latent Toxoplasma

Sachin Kharuna, PhD Student, BSc(Hons) MSc India 
Project: New drugs to treat Cryptosporidium infection

Simona Seizova, PhD Student, BSc(Hons) Canterbury  
Project: Host cell manipulation by latent Toxoplasma

Mary-Louise Wilde, PhD Student, BSc (Hons) Melbourne  
Project: The function of ubiquitination in Toxoplasma development and pathogenesis

Kharizta Wiradiputri, PhD Student, BSc(Hons) Melbourne
Project: Environmental sensing in Toxoplasma

Super Content: 
Simona Seizova talking to camera

See PhD student Simona Seizova on Channel 11's science TV show Scope, explaining how she uses imaging techniques to study the parasite Toxoplasma gondii. 

(Watch from 16:50)