Professor David Vaux

Professor David Vaux



David Vaux



AO BMedSc Melbourne MBBS Melbourne PhD Melbourne

Honorary Research Fellow


We are investigating how cells regulate their cell growth and cell death systems. We wish to understand the molecules that trigger and mediate cell death, and the pathways that regulate cell growth and cell division. 

Many diseases are characterised by either too much or too little cell death, or by unregulated cell proliferation. We hope that understanding cell death processes will help us develop new treatments for these diseases.

Research interest 

Our research looks at processes upstream and downstream of the key apoptosis effector proteins Bax and Bak. These proteins can be activated by increases in BH3-only proteins, a decrease in Bcl-2-like survival proteins, or both.

We are determining how they are activated in response to treatment with steroids, and when growth factors are removed. In cells lacking genes for Bax and Bak, steroids and growth factor withdrawal do not cause cell death, but they do cause cells to arrest and to shrink. We are using these cells to determine the pathways regulating cell growth and division, as well as cell death.

David Vaux presenting

Professor David Vaux presents the Institute's policy and procedure on good scientific practice