Dr Hui-Li Wong

Dr Hui-Li Wong



Dr Hui-Li Wong smiling at the camera



MBBS Melbourne FRACI Melbourne

Clinical Research Fellow

I am a medical oncologist with expertise in gastrointestinal cancers. I am involved in clinical and translational research in colorectal and pancreatic cancers. My research interest lies in understanding the biology of cancer and how this affects the treatment and disease course for individual patients.

I am hopeful that personalised approaches to cancer care will someday be broadly applicable to the majority of patients.

Research interest

I am leading a cancer registry collecting comprehensive treatment and outcome data for colorectal cancer. Data is being collected at multiple hospitals throughout Australia and internationally and being utilised in a broad range of projects. This cancer registry will help us better understand real-world treatment and outcomes and improve the quality of care in routine practice.

I am also leading the implementation of registry-based randomised trials as part of the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre’s research initiative. This is a novel concept in oncology, which has the potential to increase clinical trial participation for cancer patients. Our first randomised study is in colorectal cancer, comparing accepted standards of care with emerging standards of care that utilise available therapies. This study is being conducted across multiple hospitals and will help improve how colorectal cancer is treated.  

Clinician with patient

An Australian-first approach to cancer clinical trials will enhance the ability of clinicians to select the right treatments for patients.

Female oncologist and researcher standing in a purple-light corridor

Traditional clinical trials have been vital for improving cancer treatments for the last 70 years, but new data-driven approaches can enhance treatment for individuals and better allocate healthcare resources, as Dr Hui-Li Wong and collaborators write in Pursuit.