Ian Majewski-Lab team

Ian Majewski-Lab team

Recent advances in sequencing technology are transforming the way we study the world around us.
My research group uses genomic and transcriptomic profiling to study the mutational processes driving cancer. I hope to build a research team that will find new ways to leverage large-scale genomic data to improve our understanding of disease.

Lab team

Christoffer Flensburg, Computational Scientist, MSc Torino PhD Lund

Rebecca Bilardi, Postdoctoral Fellow, BBiolSc(Hons) LaTrobe PhD LaTrobe

Zhen Xu, Postdoctoral Fellow, BSc Nanjing PhD Nanjing

Sarah Miller, Research Assistant, BSc (Hons) Toronto MSc Melbourne

Edward Chew, PhD student, MB BS BMedSc Melbourne FRACP FRCPA, (jointly supervised by Professor Andrew Roberts)