Ian Wicks-Achievements

Ian Wicks-Achievements



2011- current Inaugural head, Inflammation division

2007 Parr prize for research in Rheumatology, Australian Rheumatology Association

2002 Clinical Practitioner Fellow, National Health and Medical Research Council

1998-current Director, Rheumatology Unit, The Royal Melbourne Hospital, and Professorial Fellow, University of Melbourne

1998-2009 Director, Arthritis Foundation of Victoria Centre for Rheumatic Diseases


2008 'Best of the Best' oral presentation session, European League Against Arthritis and Rheumatism

2007 Victorian 'Star of the Year', Australian Rheumatology Association

2007 Parr Prize for Research, Australian Rheumatology Association


2014 Erica Foundation

2012 Program grant, National Health and Medical Research Council

2012 Practitioner fellowship, National Health and Medical Research Council

2011 Project grant, National Heart Foundation

1996 - current Research support, John T Reid Charitable Trusts

Service to the community

1998-current Professor & Head, Rheumatology Unit, Royal Melbourne Hospital