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Dr Julian Clark



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BSc(Hons) Flinders PhD Glasgow DU Uni SA FTSE MAICD

Head, Business Development

Having more than 35 years international experience in innovation, working at the academic/industry interface and managing small and large companies, my role is to lead a small group of professionals dedicated to the strategic development of the institute. Our prime focus is on translation of our scientific discoveries into social and economic benefit, locally and globally.

Our Business Development team is built of people with a track record in international Intellectual Property (IP) management and commericalisation as well as a strong background in research development and translation. We are unique in our business sector by focusing not only on traditional technology transfer licensing, but also prosecuting IP in-house, seeking new science-to-science collaborations, and expanding our efforts to include disadvantaged peoples.

Driving collaboration

We have a pragmatic business model that seeks to establish valued relationships through research collaborations or start-up companies. We specialise in establishing and governing consortia and public-private partnerships.

Our focus on translating the institute’s research has resulted in strong relationships with our researchers, where we assist with sourcing funds and potential internal and external collaborators. Commercial collaborations include small and large national and international partners and we currently have several candidates resulting from the institute’s IP in clinical trials.

Professional development opportunities

Our business development intern program is designed to make our researchers more globally competitive and has opened up career paths for researchers wanting to move to the commercial arena. 

We address the “valley of death” through our Catalyst Fund, investing in “killer experiments” to create value through demonstrating proof of concept to future investors.

Dr Julian Clark with Carmela Monger in the Business Development Office

CEDA Report: "Traversing the Valley of Death", Julian Clarke


Dr Julian Clark writes in the Australian Economic Review