Ms Kaye Wycherley

Ms Kaye Wycherley



Ms Kaye Wycherley




Laboratory Head

Lab focus: Development and production of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies

Antibodies are a fundamental component of successful research and clinical translation. The staff in the WEHI Antibody Facility are experts in antibody development and production, providing fully customised, fast and reliable antibody services.

The Antibody Facility also provides services to external academic researchers, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Research interest

The Antibody Facility provides updated and relevant technology to researchers. All projects are tailored to the individual researcher’s requirements.

New technologies currently being developed include:

  • the production of camelid antibodies
  • single B cell antibody technology
  • sequencing of hybridomas
  • making recombinant antibodies

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Visualisation of SARS-CoV-2

Medical researchers use antibodies to help answer fundamental biological questions, for example understanding how specific proteins behave, and to assist in developing new therapies.

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