Associate Professor Kelly Rogers

Associate Professor Kelly Rogers



Associate Professor Kelly Rogers at a microscope


Associate Professor

BSc (Hons) Deakin PhD Griffith

Division Head; Head, Centre for Dynamic Imaging

Advances in fluorescence microscopy, such as the ability to perform high resolution imaging of specific structures in live cells over days, combined with automated methods for image analysis, have provided great insight into common human diseases. These powerful techniques provide a 3-dimensional view of biological specimens, as they change in time during development and in the course of disease.

Our mission is to work closely with researchers at the Institute to give them access to state-of-the-art microscopy and expert advice on how to advance their discoveries using imaging methods.

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Research interest

Optical imaging, which includes confocal microscopy, is routinely used in biomedical research for probing cellular morphology, tissue structure and function. A unique feature of this method is the ability to visualise discrete details in the intact biological system across a broad range of scales in both space and time. We specialise in the capture and quantitative analysis of multi-dimensional images, ranging from the subcellular to whole organism level, with a major focus on applying these methods to studies on important diseases, particularly those involving blood and stem cell biology.

The capture and analysis of multi-dimensional data is a multi-stage process, incorporating:

  • Experimental design and sample preparation
  • Image acquisition
  • Image processing and analysis

We work together with researchers with the aim to apply and optimise optical imaging experiments at each stage of this process, while maintaining an emphasis on training and education.

Core Platform Services

  • Consultation on experimental design, including advice about genetically encoded and synthetic fluorophores, sample preparation and choice of imaging system
  • Guidance and training in advanced imaging techniques
  • Consultation and assistance with image processing and analysis
  • Training on how to prepare and segment image data using different software packages, such as FIJI, metamorph and IMARIS
Lattice light sheet microscope

Optical microscopy has become one of the most powerful tools in medical research.

WEHI's Centre for Dynamic Imaging is advancing our understanding of how diseases develop, spread and respond to treatment.