Kelly Rogers-Equipment and charges

Kelly Rogers-Equipment and charges

Equipment and charges

All equipment is available for use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for users with autonomous rights. Use of the microscopes is charged at an hourly rate*.

*Extra fees apply for training (AUD$75 per hour).


  • Zeiss LSM 780 (C4.47)
  • Leica TCS-SP8 Confocal with Resonant Scanner (C4.50)
  • Zeiss LSM 5 Live Line Scanning Confocal (C4.34)
  • Olympus FV1000 Inverted and Upright Confocals with Mai Tai 2-Photon Laser (C4.48)

Widefield fluorescence microscopes for live cell imaging

  • Zeiss Live Cell Observer (C4.38)
  • Nikon Biostation IM-Q (C4.36)
  • Zeiss LSM 5 Live (C4.34)
  • DeltaVision Elite (C4.35)
  • Zeiss Live Cell AxioObserver Z1 (within PC3 Facility)
  • Nikon Ti-E Live Cell Imaging (C4.36)

Other microscopes

  • Olympus SZX16 Stereo-microscope (C4.50)

High-content screening

  • BD Pathway 855 Bioimager (C4.36)

Preclinical imaging system

  • Xenogen IVIS Spectrum (C4.49)

Image analysis

  • 64-bit PC Neptune (Metamorph) (C4.18)
  • 64-bit PC Jupiter (IMARIS) (C4.18)
  • 64-bit PC Titan (Large Data-set Manipulation) (C4.18)


For booking enquires please contact Dr Kelly Rogers:

Ph: +61 3 9345 2450
Fax: +61 3 9345 0852
Mob: +61 439 282 723

Cancellation of bookings made within 24 hours will incur a charge unless someone else books the cancelled session.