Len Harrison-Achievements

Len Harrison-Achievements


  • Among first to purify and characterise the insulin receptor

  • Mechanisms of pancreatic beta-cell destruction

  • Primacy of insulin as an autoantigen

  • Protective immune tolerance induced by insulin

  • T-cell epitopes in beta-cell autoantigens

  • insulin resistance as a risk factor for T1D

  • CD52-Siglec system of immune regulation

Following ‘proof-of-concept’ studies, Professor Harrison initiated and managed a series of trials, currently Phase 2b, of a nasal insulin vaccine to prevent T1D.


2013 Lifetime Research Achievement Award, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

2004 David Rumbough Award, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

2000 Kellion Award, Australian Diabetes Society

1987 Eric Susman Prize for Research, Royal Australasian College of Physicians

1985 Wellcome (now Glaxo) Australia Award

Grants and funding

2014 Senior principal research fellowship, National Health and Medical Research Council

2013, 2008, 2003 Program Grant, National Health and Medical Research Council

2013 Project Grant National Health and Medical Research Council

2013 Project Grant, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Service to the community

Member or corresponding editor of seven journal editorial boards

Member of JDRF and NHMRC committees

Regular reviewer of research grants and manuscripts

Regular presenter of research topics to lay organisations and interviewee for media announcements

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Dr Leonard C Harrison with a clinical patient

The JDRF Lifetime Research Achievement Award recognises the long-standing nature and high quality of contributions of the very best Australian researchers who have steered global directions of type 1 diabetes research.