Marc Pellegrini-projects

Marc Pellegrini-projects


Molecular interactions between Mycobacterium tuberculosis and host cell signalling and cell death pathways

A combination of gene-targeting strategies and small molecule drugs are used to interfere with host cell signalling and host cell death pathways during infection in pre-clinical models. We are investigating the host genetic and molecular networks that can be targeted to facilitate pathogen clearance.

Defining host-pathogen interactions in hepatitis B infection that contribute to chronicity and disease progression

We are using a pre-clinical model of chronic hepatitis B infection to dissect host and viral determinants that contribute to pathogen persistence and disease pathogenesis. Viral mutants are being constructed and tested in our models to determine pathogenicity. Similarly, gene-targeting is used to determine the host cellular pathways that prevent or promote clearance of hepatitis B infection.

Developing targeted therapies to promote clearance of cells actively or latently infected with HIV

We are using small molecule drugs to antagonise cell survival and promote programmed cell death in host cells. In vitro studies will be translated to in vivo humanised models. Translational studies are complementing the work.

Defining host molecular signatures that correlate with infection risk or disease progression

Clinical samples from defined patients or infection groups are analysed  for molecular signatures that correlate with disease outcomes. These exploratory studies are used to identify markers that can be used in intervention programs and applied ‘in the field’.