Melanie Bahlo-Lab team

Melanie Bahlo-Lab team

Lab team

Our lab’s work is highly collaborative usually working in a team with wet lab scientists and clinician scientists. Most of our lab members have backgrounds in the physical sciences.
We welcome PhD enquiries from individuals wishing to become involved in genetics.

Thomas Scerri, Postdoctoral Fellow, PhD Oxford

Saskia Freytag, Postdoctoral Fellow, PhD Göttingen

Katherine Smith, Research Assistant, BSc (Hons) MBiostat Melbourne

Vesna Lukic, Research Assistant, BEng (Hons)/BSc MSc (Physics) Melbourne

Peter Diakumis, Research Assistant, BSc (Hons) Athens MSc (Bioinformatics) Melbourne

Natacha Tessier, Research Assistant, MBiostats Bordeaux

Anna Quaglieri, Research Assistant, MBiostats Bologna

Karen Oliver, PhD Student, BASc Melbourne

Dineika Chandrananda, PhD Student, MSc (Statistics) Auckland

Rick Tankard, PhD Student, BSc (Hons) DipA Melbourne

Lyndal Henden, PhD Student, BSc (Hons) Massey

Peter Hickey, PhD Student, BSc (Hons) (Statistics) Melbourne

Clea Grace, PhD Student, BSc (Hons) Sydney

Stuart Lee, MSc Bioinformatics Student, BSc Adelaide