Melanie Bahlo-Resources

Melanie Bahlo-Resources



brain-coX allows users to interrogate gene co-expressions in the normal human brain using up to seven large microarray datasets adaptively cleaned with respect to your genes of interest. 


RUVcorr allows users to apply global removal of unwanted variation (ridged version of RUV) to real and simulated gene expression data. 


XIBD performs pairwise identity by descent analysis on the X chromosome and autosomes using SNP genotype data. 


isoRelate performs pairwise identity by descent analysis on haploid recombining organisms in the presence of multiclonal infections using SNP genotype data 


cavalier (Candidate Variant List Evaluation Report) is an R package designed to assist with filtering and interpreting candidate variants in human whole exome or whole genome sequencing data. Information from a variety of sources is automatically combined and used to generate a presentation ready results, suitable for clinical reporting and discussion. 


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