Melanie Bahlo-Resources

Melanie Bahlo-Resources



Linkdatagen is a PERL script that generates LINKAGE style files for ALLEGRO , MERLIN, PREST, MORGAN, PLINK, FEstim, BEAGLE and RELATE using as input genotype calls from Affymetrix SNP chips, Illumina SNP chips, or SNP genotypes inferred from massively parallel sequencing (MPS) data, such as whole exome or whole genome sequence data.


In silico gene prioritisation with brain gene expression data


A program designed to detect excess haplotypes sharing in datasets consisting of case and control haplotypes.

Mutation age estimation

A simple R script which performs the calculations required to produce mutation age estimates and confidence intervals using the method described in Gandolfo, L. C., Bahlo, M., and Speed, T. P. (2014).