Melissa Davis - Lab team

Melissa Davis - Lab team

Enquiries from appropriately qualified students and fellowship applicants are welcomed.


Chin Wee Tan, Senior Postdoctoral Fellow, BEng(Hons) NUS MBiomed PhD Melbourne

Dharmesh Bhuva, Postdoctoral Fellow, BSc(Hons) Southampton (UK), MSc PhD Melbourne

Ahmed Mohamed, Senior Research Officer, BSc MSc Osaka PhD Kyoto

Jinjin Chen, PhD Student, BSc Nanjing

Hannah Huckstep, PhD Student, BSc Queen’s University Canada

Samuel Lee, PhD Student, BBmedSc(Hons) Victoria University of Wellington

Holly Whitfield, PhD student, BSc(Hons) Swinburne MSc Melbourne

Soroor Hediyeh Zadeh, PhD Student, BSc MSc Melbourne

Malvika Kharbanda, Master of Science (Bioinformatics), Melbourne

Chris Rode, Master of Science (Bioinformatics), Melbourne