Name Division
Ashley Ng Dr Ashley Ng
Clinical Translational Research Fellow
Chela Niall photographed at the Institute Ms Chela Niall
Head, Legal & Licensing
Associate Professor Sandra Nicholson Associate Professor Sandra Nicholson
Laboratory Head
Professor Nicos Nicola in his office Professor Nicos Nicola
Laboratory Head
Professor Stephen Nutt in the lab Professor Stephen Nutt
Laboratory Head
Tony Papenfuss Professor Tony Papenfuss
Laboratory Head; Leader, Computational Biology Theme
Catherine Parker in her office Ms Catherine Parker
Head, Strategy and Planning
Dr Sant-Rayn Pasricha Dr Sant-Rayn Pasricha
Joint Division Head
Professor Marc Pellegrini in the lab Professor Marc Pellegrini
Joint Division Head
Anne-Laure Puaux standing in a light corridor Dr Anne-Laure Puaux
Head, Biotechnology and Commercialisation