Rebecca Feltham-Projects

Rebecca Feltham-Projects



The projects undertaken in my lab are some of the most exciting in the ubiquitin field.

We utilise diverse techniques from basic biochemistry, for example cloning and western blotting, to complex cellular and in vivo systems, for example CRISPR/Cas9 targeting and laboratory models of disease.

Specifically, we focus our efforts on identifying, characterising and targeting E3 ubiquitin ligases using two main approaches:

  1. Cell-based screens to identify critical E3 ligases that regulate inflammatory signalling.  
  2. PROTAC-based targeting strategies (dTAG) to validate E3 ligases as therapeutic targets.

Ultimately this work will help in our understanding of how ubiquitin signalling is deregulated in cancer and chronic inflammatory disease to aid in the development of new therapies.