Associate Professor Rosie Watson

Associate Professor Rosie Watson



Associate Professor Rosie Watson


Associate Professor

MBBS Monash FRACP PhD Newcastle UK

Joint Laboratory Head

Lab focus: Diagnosis and management of dementia 

I am a geriatrician at the Royal Melbourne Hospital where I am involved with the clinical assessment and management for people with cognitive impairment and dementia.

My laboratory at the Institute, jointly led by Associate Professor Nawaf Yassi, is focused on improving the accuracy of diagnosis of patients with dementia through novel biomarkers, understanding the overlap of different causes of dementia, and investigating new ways to treat dementia.

Research interest

Our lab’s vision is to develop an interdisciplinary approach to dementia research and care. Dementia is a complex condition that crosses a number of clinical and scientific disciplines. We understand that a strong, multifaceted approach is required to make a significant impact in dementia research. This includes having a long-term coordinated approach to research.

The focus of our lab is to:

  • Improve dementia diagnosis using novel and established biomarkers
  • Investigate midlife risk factors that may better inform prevention strategies
  • Establish and support dementia cohorts
  • Facilitate investigator-led clinical trials
  • Support and develop access to dementia research for regional and rural Australians
  • Investigate and address caregiver needs
  • Mentor the next generation of dementia clinical researchers
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