Stephin Vervoort-Lab team

Stephin Vervoort-Lab team


Lab team

The Vervoort lab joined WEHI at the start of 2022. We are enthusiastic, energetic and motivated to make ground-breaking discoveries that will feature in future molecular biology textbooks on transcription. We aim to use these new insights to deepen our understanding of transcriptional dysregulation in disease and find ways to exploit this therapeutically. This work combines bioinformatics, genomics, and molecular biological approaches and builds on recent publications in Cell, Molecular Cell, Science Advances and Nature Reviews Cancer, and involves national and international collaborations.  

As a member of a small team you will receive in-depth supervision on your project and get trained in all the new genomics technologies and the bioinformatics analysis. Your success is our success!  

We strongly encourage motivated PhD students and postdocs with an interest in genomics, CRISPR-technologies and bioinformatics to apply.


Laura Corso, PhD student, MSc 

Oliver Ozaydin, PhD student

Andrea Muscat, Senior Research Assistant / Lab Manager


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Photograph of Dr Stephin Vervoort outside WEHI

Dr Stephin Vervoort has been awarded a CSL Centenary Fellowship to fund his research to find new treatments for leukaemia and other types of cancers.

Dr Stephin Vervoort photographed at WEHI

Dr Stephin Vervoort has received a prestigious fellowship from the Snow Medical Research Foundation to investigate new treatment options for cancers such as leukaemia.