Stephin Vervoort-Achievements

Stephin Vervoort-Achievements


Selected achievements

2022    SNOW Medical Fellowship 2023, 8 years (8M AUD)

2021    CIB CCV Grant-in-Aid. P300/CBP targeting (300K AUD)

2021    CSL Centernary Fellowship 2021, 5 years (1.25M AUD)

2019    NHMRC Early Leadership fellowship 5-years (647K AUD). Fellowship on the Therapeutic Targeting and Molecular Characterization of RNAPII transcription cycles in cancer. This has resulted in a Cell and Science Advances paper.

2016    Rubicon Postdoctoral Fellowship (2.5 years, 250K AUD) Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). Prestigious Fellowship from the Netherlands (C.J. Martin equivalent) which enables researchers to perform their postdoctoral studies at world-leading institutes abroad.