Speed-Lab team

Speed-Lab team

People in my lab collaborate with several groups inside the Institute, including the Gray, Thomas-Voss, Blewitt, Wicks, Labat, Huang, Majewski and Roberts labs.
We also collaborate with groups outside the Institute, including those of Dr Sherene Loi, Dr Sarah Russell, Dr Ygal Haupt and Dr Sue Haupt from the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Professor Susan Clark of the Garvan Institute, Dr Alex Dobrovic of the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute, Dr Alysha De Livera and Dr Heejung Shim of the University of Melbourne, Dr Agus Salim of LaTrobe University and the Baker Institute, Professor Damien Hicks of Swinburne University, and Professor Jean Yang of the University of Sydney.

Lab team

Christophe Lefevre, Senior Research Officer, BSc MSc PhD Montpellier France

Suling Joyce Lin, Research Officer, BBiosc, BSc(Hons), PhD Melbourne

Marie Trussart, Research Officer, MSc-Eng, INSA Toulouse France PhD EMBL-CRG Spain

Christopher Woodruff, Visiting Scientist, BSc(Hons) UTAS PhD UTAS DipEd MEd Monash

Ramyar Molania, PhD student, BSc Shahrekord MSc Shahid Chamran

Anna Quaglieri, PhD student, BSc Bologna/Glasgow MA Italy

Mingjie Luo,  MRes student University of Melbourne, MD candidate Tsinghua University, China

Gavriel Olshansky, Masters student, BSc Melbourne

Biqing Zhu, Honours student visiting from Nanjing University, China

Jeffrey Pullin, UROP student University of Melbourne 

Xuanken Tay, UROP student University of Melbourne


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Professor Terry Speed talking to colleague

Bioinformatician Professor Terry Speed awarded the Eureka Prize for Leadership in Science.