Apply to the National Drug Discovery Centre

Apply to the National Drug Discovery Centre

Scientists in the National Drug Discovery Centre

What we offer  

The National Drug Discovery Centre (NDDC) provides researchers with an affordable pathway to conduct a high-throughput screening campaign. Your assay will be modified by specialist staff to take full advantage of an industry gold-standard robotic drug discovery platform.  

We offer: 

  • Cutting-edge automation, enabling rapid and reproducible testing of large compound libraries  
  • Access to more than 300,000 high-quality and diverse lead-like small molecules  
  • Acoustic dispensing technology for accurate volume measurement
  • Miniaturisation to 1536-well format, ensuring the most efficient use of assay components such as purified proteins or precious cell lines  
  • Full ownership rights to new intellectual property that is generated from the screening results  
  • Work performed by experienced specialists using stringent and effective quality control standards  

Our facilities  

Our facilities are equipped with two ultra-high throughput robotic platforms, providing capability for both biochemical and cell-based assays. The platforms support a wide variety of detection modalities including:  

  • absorbance  
  • fluorescence  
  • fluorescence polarisation  
  • FRET  
  • time-resolved fluorescence  
  • luminescence  
  • high-throughput flow cytometry  
  • high-content imaging  


Visit the National Drug Discovery Centre website for full application information.

We invite applications from medical researchers looking to translate their discoveries into medicines for patients.

Successful applicants from Australian research institutes and universities will benefit from testing their breakthroughs at a highly subsidised rate of 90 per cent off actual costs.

As an indicative guide, the full cost to perform a 300,000-compound screen is typically in the range of $1.00 to $1.50 per compound, depending on the assay. Total costs are generally from $300,000 to $450,000. This cost is subsidised by the Australian Government, reducing the price to around $30,000 to $45,000, with 50 per cent of this fee to be paid upfront and the closing 50 per cent balance upon project conclusion.  

How to take the next steps?  

Access to a subsidised screen is via a submission process designed to select the most promising Australian research projects. Your assay must be demonstrated in 96-well format and satisfy other criteria, such as minimum robustness, signal-to-background and component-stability requirements.  

Please review the following documents for further information.  

If you would like to start your application via our secure online portal, please contact us to get your username and password.  

You will need to sign and submit the confidentiality agreement before starting the application process.  


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Researcher in a screening laboratory

The National Drug Discovery Centre is holding information sessions around Australia for researchers interested in applying for a subsidised screening campaign.