Royalties distribution

Royalties distribution

Scientists working in a lab
WEHI distributes royalty payments to people who contribute to the commercialisation of our research.

Translating basic research into effective new drugs requires great entrepreneurship as well as great science. Our royalty distribution process recognises this work and rewards those whose efforts have led to positive commercial outcomes.

Eligible projects

We are currently seeking people who believe they contributed to the commercialisation of the following projects: 



Scope: Development of ultra-fast acting insulins based on cone snail insulin principles

Contribution date: From 2016 (ongoing)

Deadline for eligibility: Ongoing



Scope: This project aims to develop a chimaeric antigen receptor (CAR) that, in addition to the regular biological activity of CARs, can also activate the JAK/STAT pathway and induce the accumulation of phosphorylated STAT3.

Contribution date: From 2019 (ongoing)

Deadline for eligibility: Ongoing



Scope: Including:

  • Efforts to understand the regulation and function of the Bcl-2 family of proteins 

  • The clinical development of small molecules targeting pro-survival Bcl-2 family proteins

Contribution date: From 1988 to 14 June 2017

Deadline for eligibility: 14 June 2017



Scope: Investigations of the biology of MLKL and associated proteins in the regulation of necroptosis.

Contribution date: From 2013 (ongoing)

Deadline for eligibility: Ongoing



Scope: Research aimed at identifying novel small molecules of CIS and exploring potential uses of CIS inhibitors in a range of normal and disease processes. This project has been expanded to include target validation and structural characterisation for SOCS family proteins, SOCS1 and SOCS2.

Contribution date: From 2015 (ongoing)

Deadline for eligibility: Ongoing


Capillary Column

Scope: Capillary column with integrated electrospray emitter and method of manufacture.

Contribution date: From 2015 (ongoing)

Deadline for eligibility: Ongoing


CIS NK cell therapy

Scope: Licensing of patent for deletion of Cish (CIS gene) in CAR-NK cells to enhance NK cell-based therapy for cancer.

Contribution date: From 2015 (ongoing)

Deadline for eligibility: Ongoing

Other projects may be added to this list in the future. Please check this page on a regular basis to see if new projects are added.

What classifies as a contribution?

We recognise a contributor as a person who, while employed at the Institute for the primary purpose of research:

  • Published a paper relevant to the commercialised project
  • Was listed on a relevant patent
  • Contributed to relevant commercial negotiations
  • Contributed to a relevant clinical trial

The Institute has detailed eligibility criteria, which you can request by contacting the Business Development Office on the contacts below.

Contact us

If you believe you may be a contributor to a project listed above, please contact WEHI:

Note: you will be required to provide evidence to substantiate your claim.


Personal information gathered in the course of this process is handled in line with WEHI’s Privacy Policy.