Science in the Square

Science in the Square

As part of our centenary celebrations the institute hosted a festival of science at Federation Square, Melbourne in August 2015.

Events included:

  • Walter and Eliza’s Big Night Out: a live stage show where science, music and comedy collided, featuring Paul McDermott and Rod Quantock.
  • Silver Screen Science: our panel of experts sorted fact from science fiction in three classic Hollywood films, presented in partnership with ACMI and The Melbourne Writer’s Festival.
  • The Art of Science 2015 exhibition: beautiful images captured in the course of scientific discovery, on display in the Atrium.
  • Talking Science: will there ever be a cure for cancer? A panel of leading cancer researchers discussing recent discoveries and future cancer treatments.


  • Dr Kate Sutherland (lung cancer), Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
  • Professor Grant McArthur (skin cancer), Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
  • Dr Kylie Mason (leukaemia), Royal Melbourne Hospital and University of Melbourne
  • Dr Jayesh Desai (bowel cancer), Walter and Eliza Hall Institute and Royal Melbourne Hospital
  • MC: Dr Clara Gaff, Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance
Research team in a lab

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